Changes & current consistency of the Cerambycofauna

Full title: Spatiotemporal changes and current consistency of the Cerambycofauna of Luxembourg for purposes of biodiversity conservation and forestry management.


The Cerambycidae is a family of phytophagous Coleoptera widespread in Europe with ~550 species. Their larvae are mostly xylophagous or even saproxylic, acting as primary decomposers of dead or senescent trees. Since some species also have moderate size and pluriannual larval development, Cerambycids are considered high bioindicators of the state of forest health, having become a target group for many research programs in biodiversity and wildlife ecosystems in Europe and abroad. Moreover, several species are protected by Natura-2000 and the law of several European countries. A small number of cerambycids are synanthropic, attacking building woods, sometimes with dramatic consequences. The remaining species are related to living plants, some having great economical importance.

In spite of this, knowledge of the Luxembourgian fauna is still at an early stage not being listed in a local catalogue yet and its biogeographical location being still unknown. The purpose of this project is to improve knowledge on biodiversity, consistency and biogeographical significance of the Luxembourgian cerambycofauna through study of the existing collections, research in the field, comparisons and statistical analyses of data. Species richness will be compared with that of the neighbouring biogeographical regions in order to investigate and understand the faunistic relationships among the different regions of the area around Luxembourg.

The cerambycid biodiversity will be analysed in time and compared with the changes observed over time in climate, vegetation and other groups of insects in order to understand the current quality of environment and individuate the causes of the observed variations. Possible ecological countermeasures will be individuated and proposed. These important environmental topics will be divulgated to the public through the first catalogue on the Cerambycoidea of Luxembourg, including description, colour plates, maps, known biology, importance to forestry, and all faunistic data and salient aspects from a historical-ecological point of view.

Status of PhD

Supervisor at university: Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmitt, Biogeography, Fachbereich VI, Geographie/Geowissenschaften , University Trier.

Supervisor in Luxembourg: Jean-Michel Guinet, Scientifical collections/Entomology, Musée national d’histoire naturelle Luxembourg.

PhD granted by Fonds national de la recherche Luxembourg. Duration: 3 years (01.04.2011-31.03.2014).

Host institution: Fondation faune-flore @ Centre de recherche scientifique, Musée national d’histoire naturelle.


Francesco Vitali
Musée national d’histoire naturelle
Centre de recherche scientifique
Laboratoire/Section d’Entomologie
24, rue Münster
L-2160 Luxembourg
phone: (+352) 46 22 40 -206
fax: (+352) 463 848

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