The PhD, postdoctoral and public-public research projects and programs are being realized in close co-operation with the Scientific Research Center of the Luxembourg National Museum of Natural History.

Bat Scatology: Analysis of the regional core prey spectrum of two bat species using eDNA metabarcoding for targeted prey species enhancement
Alain Frantz, Alexander Weigand
Public2 | 2024-2025
PsyPhy Paths²
Alexander Weigand
Public2 | 2024-2025
Hoverfly Atlas
Julian Wittische, Alain Frantz, Alexander Weigand
Public2 | 2023-2027 Luxembourg’s open library of wild bee species profiles, pollen data, DNA barcodes and bibliographic references
Alexander Weigand
Public2 | 2023-2024
Generating scientific knowledge, synchronising baseline data and conducting monitoring for subterranean habitats in Luxembourg
Alexander Weigand
Public2 | 2020-2027
Using landscape genetic techniques to understand the impact of habitat fragmentation on the dispersal of insect pollinators (Diptera: Syrphidae)
Alain Frantz, postdoctoral researcher to be hired
Public2 | 2021-2024
Using genetic methods to understand the movement ecology of the crested newt (Triturus cristatus) in Luxembourg
Alain Frantz, Amanda Luttringer
Public2 | 2019-2021
MosquitoLUX – Atlas of the mosquitoes of Luxembourg
Francis Schaffner, Alexander Weigand, Christian Ries
Public3 | 2019-2022
DNADIVE – eDNA Detection for invasive crayfish species
David Porco
Public2 | 2018-2020
Genetic monitoring of the pool frog and the edible frog in Luxembourg
Hannah Weigand
Public | 2018-2019
Climate change, plasticity and genetic variation in Anthyllis vulneraria
Laura Daco
PhD | 2014-2018
Evolutionary potential of the raccoon roundworm
Natalia Osten-Sacken
Postdoc | 2014-2016
Genetic studies on Saxifraga rosacea
Lucile Decanter
PhD | 2012-2015
Changes & current consistency of the Cerambycofauna
Francesco Vitali
PhD | 2011-2014
Plant-animal interactions and climate change
Claude Pepin
PhD | 2010-2014
Behaviour of Martes foina after re-release
Lieke Mevis
PhD | 2009-2012
Changes in ground beetle assemblages on Keuper
Bettina Augenstein
PhD | 2009-2012
Subspecies of the common wall lizard in Luxembourg
Dr. Franz Gassert
PostDoc | 2008-2010
Arnica montana, a model for plant diversity conservation
Tiphaine Maurice
PhD | 2007-2010
High mountain burnet moths in the Central Pyrenees
Dipl.-Landschaftsökologin Petra Dieker
PhD | 2007-2010 & 2010-2011
Endangered plant species in newly available habitats
Dipl.-Biol. Ronny Mozek
PhD | 2007-2009
The forest vegetation of Luxembourg
Dr. Thomas Niemeyer
PostDoc | 2006-2009
Molecular genetics to study the life history of species
Dr. Jan Habel
PostDoc | 2006-2007
The grassland vegetation of Luxembourg
Dr. Simone Schneider
PhD | 2005-2008 & 2009-2010