Jan 15 2009


The PhD and postdoctoral research projects and programmes are being realized in close co-operation with the scientific research center of the Luxembourg national museum of natural history.

Baylisascaris procyonis larvae hatching from eggs. Source: wikimedia commons. Evolutionary potential of the raccoon roundworm
Natalia Osten-Sacken
Postdoc | 2014-2016
anthyllis_vulneraria_100px Climate change, plasticity and genetic variation in Anthyllis vulneraria
Laura Daco
PhD | 2014-2017
saxifraga_rosacea_source-commons-wikimedia-org_250px Genetic studies on Saxifraga rosacea
Lucile Decanter
PhD | 2012-2015
Schrotbock auf Fichtenstamm Changes & current consistency of the Cerambycofauna
Francesco Vitali
PhD | 2011-2014
arnica_montana_small Plant-animal interactions and climate change
Claude Pepin
PhD | 2010-2014
beech_marten_wikimedia_commons Behaviour of Martes foina after re-release
Lieke Mevis
PhD | 2009-2012
brachinus_sp Changes in ground beetle assemblages on Keuper
Bettina Augenstein
PhD | 2009-2012
podarcis_muralis_thumb_research.jpg Subspecies of the common wall lizard in Luxembourg
Dr. Franz Gassert
PostDoc | 2008-2010
aphantopus-hyperantus-on-arnica-montana.jpg Arnica montana, a model for plant diversity conservation
Tiphaine Maurice
PhD | 2007-2010
zygaena_anthyllidis_landscape.jpg High mountain burnet moths in the Central Pyrenees
Dipl.-Landschaftsökologin Petra Dieker
PhD | 2007-2010 & 2010-2011
anacamptis.jpg Endangered plant species in newly available habitats
Dipl.-Biol. Ronny Mozek
PhD | 2007-2009
fagus_yves_krippel.jpg The forest vegetation of Luxembourg
Dr. Thomas Niemeyer
PostDoc | 2006-2009
lycaena_helle_ardennes_wikimedia.jpg Molecular genetics to study the life history of species
Dr. Jan Habel
PostDoc | 2006-2007
rhinanthus_minor_small.jpg The grassland vegetation of Luxembourg
Dr. Simone Schneider
PhD | 2005-2008 & 2009-2010